Good girls

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

  • Stormy
  • Sterms ma germs
  • Ms. Geddum (if you're nasty)
Her Highness in her favorite place to go for rides.
She is always vigilant, even when in repose.
Sometimes she thinks she is a panda. She is not.

Stormy is our original good girl, our O.G.G. She is nine years old and still as regal as ever. She loves car rides, snuggles on the couch, licking faces, and barking. A lot. She also loves pets from anyone and everyone! She dislikes people walking near the house (though if they came inside she'd immediately be their best friend), thunderstorms, fireworks, and dogs playing in a way she does not approve of.

Stormy on the couch making a dumb face. Stormy smiling on the couch.
Stormy makes a dumb face most of the time.
Stormy clipping her nails with her teeth.
She also clips her own nails.


  • Stella
  • Stel-la-la
  • Stelth Fightor
Stella loves to lounge and relax.
But she also loves a good strenuous run.

Stella is our foster-fail. We got her about three years ago and she is three and a half. She really likes to run and jump and run some more. She also likes playing, trying to eat the water hose, being kind of a jerk to her big sister, lots and lots of pets, and she gives the sweetest little kisses ever. She dislikes strangers (though she's getting better!), the vacuum cleaner, weird balloons, people walking on the porch, and squirrels -- or she wants to eat those. Could be either one.

Stella looking up and to the left.
Stella pays attention
Stella sleeping on a blue and yellow blanket.
Stella sleeps
Stella sleeping, tongue out, on a couch.
Stella's tongue is too big for her mouth.
Closeup of Stella under her jaw.
Stella has neck folds.
Stella on the couch, feet out, asleep.
Stella sleeps like this.

More pictures of the both of them

Stella and Stormy greet me when I come home, if the door's open (or, for that matter, if it isn't).
Here's the cover to their forthcoming debut album.


Our sweet soft girl. Stormy has competition.

May-Bell is a sheep given us by our good friend, tomasino. She's soft and fluffy and a sweetie.

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